The Smurfs: Who are the Smurfs? (Book + CD)

The Smurfs: Who are the Smurfs? (Book + CD)

  • Proizvođač: Scholastic
  • Šifra proizvoda: 9781910173114
  • Dostupnost: Na lageru
  • €6.00
  • Osnovica: €6.00

The Smurfs – Who are the Smurfs, Book with CD

Level: Starter, 150 headwords for students’ first stories in English

The Smurfs are popular with children all over the world, famous for their charming personalities and exciting adventures. What is a Smurf? Where do Smurfs live? What do Smurfs eat? These are just some of the questions readers will find the answers to in this book all about the Smurfs!

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