Macmillan International Higher Education

Macmillan International Higher Education

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Macmillan International Higher Education is a cutting-edge publisher of textbooks and learning resources for university level students. Our ambition is to develop relevant and impactful course content that serves the needs of educators and supports the success of today's students. With a background in academic publishing and a reputation for working with some of the most respected authors in their fields, we are able to offer core adoptable textbooks across a wide range of key subjects, as well as specialist textbooks in new and emerging disciplines.

Subject areas:

  • Business, Economics and Law
  • Humanities
  • Modern Languages
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Social Work, Counselling, Nursing & Health
  • Social Work and Social Welfare
  • Study Skills


Worth Publishers publishes exclusively in three disciplines in the social sciences-psychology, sociology and economics-producing only those titles that illuminate their field with impeccable content, lucid and lively writing, and a distinct authorial voice and vision for the course. Focusing on a limited number of titles allows them to devote more time and care to each book, specifically tailoring each to fit the course for which it is intended.

W.H. Freeman  was founded in 1946 by William H. Freeman.  Offers best-selling science textbooks with coordinated online homework assignments that create more engaging learning experiences designed to improve the practice of teaching and student success. W.H. Freeman collaborates closely with top researchers and educators to develop superior teaching and learning materials for the sciences.

Bedford/St. Martin's is a college publisher specializing in the humanities. It is the largest publisher of textbooks for English composition courses, as well as a leading publisher in the disciplines of history, literature, communications, and music.

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