Category: Primary

Level(s): A1, A2

Hopscotch is a six-level primary series that follows an accessible, traditional, easy-to-teach methodology with a speaking and listening focus in the early levels and reading and writing introduced explicitly from Level 3 onwards.

Filled with engaging National Geographic photographs and content that captures the imagination of young learners, Hopscotch introduces language and skills through a fun and friendly cast of main characters — a boy, girl, crocodile, parrot and bear!


·         Photos showcase the magic of the real world

·         Students tackle communicative skills first before reading and writing

·         Project work encourages collaboration and problem solving

·         Picture stories introduce natural language and vocabulary

·         Online downloads provide support for teaching special needs students

·         'I can!' sections based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) develops pupils' self-assessment skills and highlight their progress

·         'Wonderful World' cultural lessons open a window on different global cultures and introduce a fun class project to get all pupils involved.

·         'DVD Club’ lessons deliver language input and supports young pupils.

·         Lots of drawing, craft, and stickers in the full-colour Activity Book help develop coordination and motor skills as well as provide a fun and engaging way to learn.