Eyes Open

Eyes Open

Category: Lower Secondary

Authors: Ceri Jones, Ben Goldstein

Levels: A1+ - B1+

Eyes Open combines captivating video from Discovery Education™ with an effective lesson approach that promotes communication and develops critical 21st Century Skills. With Eyes Open, learning English will be much more interesting as students embark on a journey of discovery and exploration of the cultures and peoples of the world around them.

Key Features 

·         High-interest video and stimulating global topics spark curiosity and engage and motivate teenage learners.

·         A careful progression of personalised language building activities leads to greater speaking and writing fluency.

·         Flexible teaching support for mixed-ability classes including graded tests and extra practice activities, plus Preliminary and Key for Schools exam-style tests

Go completely digital, or mix and match, with Eyes Open's flexible digital package.

- Presentation Plus digital classroom software with extensive extra teacher resources and complete video and audio programme.

- Online Workbook and extra Online Practice activities hosted on the Cambridge Learning Management System.

- Interactive Students ebook with interactive exercises and click-to-play audio and video.