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The Wolters Kluwers Group supported Gazelle by becoming their first customer whilst they managed a phased exit from the UK. During this period, Gazelle began to develop their own client list, approaching both Academic and Trade publishers, primarily in the US and later across the world, offering distribution and sales services. Over two decades later, Gazelle now boasts two specialist divisions covering Academic and Trade publishers, that are respected in their specialist fields. Gazelle continues to grow and develop, adapting its services to suit the ever-changing bookselling markets. The fact that many publishers who first became clients in the 1980's are still with Gazelle today is a testament to the dedication of the whole Gazelle team and the complete service that is offered.

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Educational Centre Montenegro

Učeći jezike otkrivate novi svijet a mi Vam možemo pomoći da u tome uspijete na najbolji način. U knjižari Educational Centre možete pronaći sve što vam je potrebno da lakše, brže i kvalitetnije naučite strani jezik. Veliki izbor udžbenika, rečnika, gramatika i beletristike za pet svjetskih jezika najpoznatijih izdavačkih kuća: engleski, italijanski, španski, njemački i francuski jezik. Dobrodošli u knjižaru Educational Centre!

Contact Us

Njegoševa 45, PC Petrović, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
Monday – Friday: 09:00h – 17:00h
Saturday 10:00h – 15:00h
+382 20 655 029