Category: Primary
Authors: Sarah Fash; Suzanne Harris; Martyn Hobbs; Julia Starr Keddle; Laurie Stahl
Number of levels: 6
Levels: Beginner to Pre-Intermediate

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Thumbs Up! is a six-level primary series in American English that motivates children to learn English while developing other areas of knowledge. Thumbs Up! recognises each child as an individual with unique abilities and strengths and helps students discover their own pathway to learning. Through cross-curricular themes, stories, songs, poems, games, values and multiple intelligence activities, Thumbs Up! fosters students' critical thinking skills, creativity and natural curiosity in other curriculum subjects.

Key Features
Emergent grammar in a spiral programme: students discover grammar rules at their own pace with ample opportunities for recycling and consolidation
Cross-curricular spreads with hands-on projects where the focus is on meaning and not on form, as in first language acquisition
A structured reading skills programme with original stories, a comprehensive phonics and spelling programme, and a six-level writing programme
A values programme, featuring the Thumbs Up! Gang comic strip
A variety of tasks in every unit to reflect real-life situations

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