This text is Just Right for you!
Fun to use and easy to teach
The Just Right course is a five-level general English course for adults and young adults. Students learn in different ways. Just Right seamlessly integrates different approaches, motivating students and encouraging them to learn rapidly.Just Right's learner-centered approach produces confident learners able to communicate freely and spontaneously outside the classroom. Just Right is packed full of fresh, engaging material. Students will enjoy using this book and teachers will find it flexible and easy to use.

* Integrated grammar, skills, lexical and pronunciation syllabuses
* Functional language with emphasis on real English and practical use outside the classroom
* Separate mini-grammar booklet for ready reference in class or self-study
* Learner-centered full color Workbook with language awareness sections
* Comprehensive Teacher's Book with principles and practice of teaching and in-depth unit guidance, particularly helpful for inexperienced teachers

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Učeći jezike otkrivate novi svijet a mi Vam možemo pomoći da u tome uspijete na najbolji način. U knjižari Educational Centre možete pronaći sve što vam je potrebno da lakše, brže i kvalitetnije naučite strani jezik. Veliki izbor udžbenika, rečnika, gramatika i beletristike za pet svjetskih jezika najpoznatijih izdavačkih kuća: engleski, italijanski, španski, njemački i francuski jezik. Dobrodošli u knjižaru Educational Centre!

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