Language level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate

CEF level: A1 to B1

Your Space - a motivating three-level course for students between 10 and 14!

Overview: This course links your student's own world to the language classroom, giving them 'space' to explore and develop their English language skills, and taking them step-by-step through the language they need. Teachers often say that one of the greatest challenges is keeping students motivated throughout the long journey of language learning. Your Space places an emphasis on achievement from the start. It encourages learner autonomy while recognising that learners need feedback and a sense of progress to maintain momentum. A 360 degree approach to language learning means exposing learners to a wide variety of language, so in Your Space we have taken care to present a rich variety of 'Englishes' and provide students with the tools they need to produce their very own English.

Your Space communicates the spirit of the course. Your Space links the students’ world to the language classroom.

Your = the relationship between the student and the material

Space = the students' space to express themselves


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Učeći jezike otkrivate novi svijet a mi Vam možemo pomoći da u tome uspijete na najbolji način. U knjižari Educational Centre možete pronaći sve što vam je potrebno da lakše, brže i kvalitetnije naučite strani jezik. Veliki izbor udžbenika, rečnika, gramatika i beletristike za pet svjetskih jezika najpoznatijih izdavačkih kuća: engleski, italijanski, španski, njemački i francuski jezik. Dobrodošli u knjižaru Educational Centre!

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