-10% A Funny Thing About Love

A Funny Thing About Love

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Author: Rebecca Farnworth

The funny thing about love is that just when you think you've got it sorted, it turns round and bites you on the behind.

Which is exactly what's happened to Carmen Miller.

Her ex husband's girlfriend is pregnant, her career as a comedy agent is going down the pan, she's made a fool of herself with fellow agent Will Hunter, a man she's fancied for ages, and to cap it all she has to move out of her flat. Surely things can't get any worse.

Moving down to Brighton to write the TV comedy series that she's always dreamed about, Carmen meets the divine Daniel. A man so gorgeous, she doesn't even mind that he's got long hair. It seems that Carmen's life is on the up again.

Until, that is... love bites again.

Looks like Carmen's back where she started. But could it be that love isn't the problem? Maybe she's just been choosing the wrong men.



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